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Safe and comfortable sedation options are available for all your treatment needs. Dr Andy offers range of sedation services including IV moderate (Conscious) Sedation. These additional services allow you to experience the safest and most comfortable way to receive your treatment. Fear and anxiety roll away as you relax and drift into a dream; waking to find your treatment complete. 

Why Sedation Dentistry?

Fear and anxiety are the top barriers preventing people to receiving the care they deserve for their oral health. Sedation services are a safe and effective way to reduce fear and anxiety. IV moderate sedation is the safest method for delivery of sedative medicines. 

With IV moderate sedation, an IV is placed by a professional health care provider and carefully selected medicines are delivered through the IV directly to the patient. The medicines have a sedative and pain controlling effect and the dosages are catered to each patient individually. An added benefit, is amnesia - you will not remember the experience of the dental treatment. Most patients wake up and state that they just had the best nap of their life and ask "Why have I not had all my treatment like this before?"

Patients that Benefit from IV Sedation:

  •      Fear/Anxiety of Needles

  •      Fear/Anxiety of Dentist

  •      Fear/Anxiety of Dental Treatment

  •      General Anxiety

  •      Sensitive Gag Reflex

  •      Difficult to "get numb"

  •      Difficult Dental Treatment 

    •      Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

    •      Implant placement

    •      Advanced Bone grafting 

    •      Sinus Augmentations

    •      Soft Tissue grafting





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